5 things to know to make ordering a booth a piece of cake
  1. Localization map
    It’s crucial. If you have it, share it! You’ll avoid tons of basic questions, like what is the size of the stand? What is the shape of it? Is it an island? Or maybe it’s a corner stand? Is there any hall construction pillar on the booth?
    And many, many more.
    Those can give one a serious headache. You know it, we do also. And the solution is easy. A localization map.
  2. Write down your needs!
    A good stand is a stand created for you. Stand builders ask many questions to make a booth just for you. They want to know what you need and desire. We don’t want to be a nuisance for you, but we don’t have a crystal ball so we need to ask.
    Both to speed up the process and to make it as painless for you as it can be before you start contacting a company write down all you know about your needs.
  3. Ask!
    If you don’t know something or don’t understand something – ASK!
    There more you know, the better. We, stand builders are here for you. We are there to prepare an offer and to help.
  4. Your company materials.
    You have identity manual? You have a catalogue? You have a specific policy? You have an advertising slogan? Share it! It will help us, to know you better. And that’s what is important to prepare a good offer. A good offer for you.
  5. Previous experience.
    You have any? Was it good or bad, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is your priceless experience. Tell us what you liked or on the contrary, didn’t like previously. It will help with moving in the right direction.

Without your precious knowledge and experience, we stand builders are shooting with our eyes blindfolded. We’re aiming at your satisfaction but to deliver it for you, we need bullets from you.

MRO 2018 - Amsterdam / 72 m2
Scanpack 2018 in Göteborg

Stand with an area of 48 m2 for Efekt Plus,
one of the key producers of film in Poland and Europe.

Beauty Contact stand

Charming Beauty Contact Stand
at the prestigious Duty Free fair TFWA 2018 in Cannes.

PGZ hall at the MSPO 2018 fair

The largest PGZ stand during the MSPO 2018 fair
with an area of 4 500 m2.

Balt Military Expo – 100 m2

A lovely stand on the Polish coast was created in less than 4 days!
A serious exhibitor, no less serious fairs.

Du Livre – stand 550 m2

We had the pleasure of building a stand for Sharja Book Assority.
Each component was refined like a sea pearl.

Tube & Wire – stand 1070 m2

A strong industry, a large exhibitor.
We are glad that the amount of work put in has translated into
a proper representation of the company at the fair.

30 years of experience in creating, designing and executing professional fair construction.



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