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Amodern facility allows us to perform large format UV and solvent printing as part of the services we offer. Large format UV printing is one of the latest technologies of printing on various types of advertising surfaces, from self-adhesive foil, backlit film and PVC through carpets to single-sided, double-sided and backlit advertising banners. UV printing technology is technically similar to printing with solvent inks, however, instead of soluble solvent inks, it uses UV curable inks. UV printing technology guarantees very high-quality images as well as high resistance to abrasion and to all kinds of harmful external factors. We print on various surfaces that are used in advertising campaigns and visual presentationof brands. We provide our customers with timely execution and the highest quality of the implemented orders.

Possibility of printing:
  • UV
  • Solvent
And on:
  • Self-adhesive foil
  • Backlit film and PVC
  • Plexi
  • Carpet
  • Single-sided, double-sided and backlit advertising banners

30 years of experience in creating, designing and executing professional fair construction.



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